Tandem jump

You can live through the unforgettable and indescribable free fall and adrenalin rush with our experienced skydiving instructors and tandem pilots having more-thousand jumps! After a short on-the-spot training of about 15 minutes you can jump from an altitude of between 2500m and 4000m! You will spend like 55 seconds in freefall then your instructor opens the canopy. The secure landing is guaranteed after the 5-8- minutes-long flying. 

Tandem jump takes place in each weekend from early in the spring till late in the autumn! We jump from 4000m at every weekend, from aircraft of 20-30 people in different location (for details of the current spot please contact me!); however there is possibility for jumping from smaller plain (of 4-6 people) in different airports in weekdays as well by particular arrangement.  We cannot take you to the airport, so you have to make sure of reaching the spot on time.

We use the latest and most professional parachuting gears, the canopies are completely new and unused. Three tandem masters work in our Club at the moment, so it can happen that more people can jump from the same plain or jumps can be executed in more airports in the same weekend.

You can share your unbelievable experience with your friend and family, as you can be captured on DVD and digital photographs by one of professional skydiving photographers from the moment of the ground preparation until the landing. You can take the 6-8 minutes-long film of your jump. We can offer two different kinds of video:

Video and still pictures by outside camera flyer: when a camera flyers records the events from the moment of equipping until the landing with a camera fixed on his helmet and let the jumping be seen from an external aspect

Video by hand camera: when the camera is fixing on the hand of the tandem pilot and he records the events from the moment of equipping till the landing. In this case the camera can record the descending as well.

To watch our tandem video click here!

Our Club was the first in Hungary which has launched the full HD quality video with a special resolution providing razor-sharp pictures and fascinating colours (watching on proper TV or monitor)!

Our prices:

Tandem jump without video:  45.000 HUF (including taxes)
Tandem jump with video made by handy camera (without photo), with musical DVD clip:  give us a call!
Tandem jump with video made by outside camera flyer (DV or full HD), with musical DVD clip + photos: give us a call!

We offer discount for companies, business events and bigger group of friends (at least 4 people)!


Sequence of a tandem jump:

Before taking-off, you will get the needed information during the short ground training, then we practise the jumping and falling positions in the provided jump suits and equipment, which help you to catch the most enjoyable experience!

After taking-off we fly about 15 minutes, then we fasten our harnessand waiting for the moment of jumping. When the plain reaches the jumping altitude, we exit the aircraft in the way we practised before on the ground.

During the free fall you don’t have to do anything else, only smiling into the camera and enjoy the feeling!

Following the opening of the canopy, if you want, you can controlthe parachute. After 5-6 minutes-long descending we land at the airport.

Our tandem pilots:

Gábor Verebes:
I started jump in 1995 when I was 16 and my enthusiasm about this sport is still goes on. Since 1997 I’ve made a really good showing in different (international and national) contests, and I’ve been among the top finishers in relative work, in BASE jump and in various branch of skydiving. I’ve worked for the Hungarian BASE and Skydiving Sport Club as a vocational leader for 4 years where my main task is tandem skydiving and to train parachuting.

Tamás Sztojcsev:
jumps: 1300+
BASE jumps: 650+

Contact: 06-30/9458081, E-mail: verebesgabi@mbse.hu
Company: Pannon Profit Kft. 2011 Budakalász, Ökörszem u. 23.
Adószám: 12864427-3-13 Cégjegyzék szám: 13-09-129188

BOOKING FOR A DATE or further information please write to: verebesgabi@mbse.hu or call +36 30 945-8081.

Give tandem jump gift voucher for birthday or other events as a present!

If you are thinking of a gift voucher as a surprise present, please write to us! The voucher is valid from the day of paying the bill.